Scanned Flowers

The great thing about cheap scanners is they can scan anything and not just bits of paper or photographs. The easiest way to experiment is with some dead or dry flowers. Scanning on a flat bed gives the resulting image an extra sense of depth that you might not get otherwise through a camera due to the way the light passes over the object.

This image was created using some old flowers that were ready for the bin placed on top of the scanner. Then instead of closing the lid cover the flowers with an a4 sized box that’s been painted black on the inside to reduce light reflection.

Depending on the settings you choose for scanning your image you can come up with some huge files with massive amounts of detail. This image was a simple scan at a low resolution and it still looks pretty sharp.

Some people argue that it’s not true photography but at the end of the day it is a mechanism for making images, just like a camera.

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